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Reward Me : Get free sample from P&G Worth of Rs.1100

  • Click here to go Reward Me Register Page
  • Register yourself with full details.
  • Now shortly you will receive a confirmation message with a unique code.
  • Enter that unique code on the website when asked.
  • Now select the samples of the product which you want.

Note- Select your Gender as female during registration to get more free samples.

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Reward Me : Get free sample from P&G Worth of Rs.1100

Now Reward Me Free Samples Registration can be done through . Get the exclusive RewardMe P&G Giftfor Free that is exclusive and amazing. And get your free sample at your doorstep without any hassles. Choose from various categories that are listed on this free sample website, ranging from beauty, health savvy, health, well being, family life and food. P&G is the most renowned company that has enormous brands under it’s name. It strives to make everyday life easier for the people.

You may have used a P&G product in your daily chores with or without your knowledge. It houses the most unique anduseful brands like Ariel, Braun, Camay, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, Vicks, Whisper etc.

How to Register for Reward Me Free Samples Get a RewardMe P&G Gift for Free:

  1. Reward me has new samples and freebies updated time and again.
  2. Browse through the list of products showcased.
  3. Add the free samples to the product list that you wish to try.
  4. Create a new account if you do not have one or simply login.
  5. Place your order and voila! your sample will be at your doorstep.


Check out the latest RewardMe deals and offers. Follow the instructions as mentioned and get discounts and offers that are extravagant.

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If you are worried about not receiving your sample or getting it late, here is the answer that we found of-late:We have shared innumerable samples in the past and continue to do so. Be it a promotional event or just a giveaway.

  • Rewardme is not fake.
  • You shall receive your sample.
  • Your sample may be delayed under some circumstance, which is dependent on availability and demand.

Rewardme Free Sample Offer

Rewardme is an absolute product promotion website. You shall receive your sample without any issues provided you comply with the terms and conditions and fill in your right details. It ususally takes from somewhere between 1-8 weeks for sample delivery based on the product that you have requested for and your address. In case of many requests, the sample may not be delivered to you at all. The samples are usually delivered by Aramex courier and sometimes byFirstflight courier.


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5 reviews for Reward Me : Get free sample from P&G Worth of Rs.1100

  1. deepak123

    thanks i received my freebies. very happy today

  2. rekha

    is this true or spam

  3. admin

    rekha this is true many off my visitors have received their samples.

  4. rekha

    oh thanks i have orders let us see what happens


    Good offer

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