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Freecharge Bing Rewards – Now use bing as search engine and earn freefund codes upto Rs 100

Freecharge is growing rapidly which is shown by its recent partnership with Bing Search engine. We know that you use Google mostly for your search related queries but its time to use Bing for at least for 10 searches daily if you want to earn freecharge freefund codes. [wpsm_ads1 float=”none”]

How to get freefund codes from “Bing Rewards” ?

1 . Visit offer page here

2. Now click on “Sign In” if you already have a microsoft account or otherwise click on “Sign Up”

3. As soon as you sign up/sign in, you will a dashboard with 10 credits for you.

90 credits = Rs 30 freecharge coupon

4. Now everyday you can earn 10 credits more by just performing 10 searches on Bing. For eg – I did 2 random searches and got 2 credits instantly.


5. So you can daily repeat the same thing and in 8 days, you will have 90 credits.


6. Once you have 90 credits, just click on “Redeem” button and you will get a Rs 30 freecharge freefund code.

>> Not only this, once you reach 210 credits, you get more Rs 70 worth freecharge coupon.

> So if you daily earn 10 credits for 20 days, you will have 210 credits and will get Rs 30+70 = Rs 100. Rs 100 for just few searches for few days !! Amazing

Terms and Conditions

  • Earn a maximum of 10 credits per day when signed into Bing. The program is available on both mobile and desktop
  • Credits are awarded to unique search queries
  • Each coupon will be given only once to a user.
  • Refer to FAQs for any queries about Bing rewards
  • FreeCharge Balance cannot be used against any other promotion
  • The promo code will be credited as FreeCharge Balance in wallet in the form of electronic gift voucher which is redeemable before 10th September 2016
  • Electronic gift voucher balance cannot be withdrawn or transferred to the bank
  • Promo code shared can be redeemed only on the FreeCharge web/mobile site/app
  • One code is valid per user/email id/mobile number
  • Additional terms and conditions of FreeCharge apply

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