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(Ended) Cafe coffee day loot – Get unlimited cappuccino Code (proof added)

Hi guys we are here with CCD loot get Unlimited Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) cappuccino for free . Just follow the trick , this offer can end anytime so hurry up. [wpsm_ads1 float=”none”]

This offer is due to some error in CCD code so use this before they fix this bug

How to get  Unlimited Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) cappuccino Code code:-

1) Visit your near CCD outlet

2) Ask the person on cash counter to redeem code

3) he will ask what type of code is this? buy one get one free, Discount code or Direct Free, tell him that its Direct Free code

4) Then he will ask you to speak out code

5) Tell him code:- 3475497041176381 [wpsm_ads2 float=”none”]

You’re Done, you got a free cappuccino.

This same code can be used any number of Time actually its a bug this code is working unlimited Times so use it if you want.

Que:- How is this Unlimted code?

Ans:- You can use this code any number of times. Suppose, If you are 4 people, u need to repeat this code 4 times.

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