Goibibo, the online shopping hub is now showcasing an amazing offer where you get to enjoy buying Goibibo Dussehra Offer : Get 100% Cashback on Bus Tickets Bookings. Bag this offer by following the steps below.[wpsm_ads1 float=”none”]

How to get this offer

  1. Visit Offer Page
  2. Coupon Code is Not Required For This  Offer
  3. Offer is Valid Till 25 October
  4. Maximum Discount Rs. 1000
  5. Offer is Valid Only on Bus Ticket Bookings

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Maximum cashback amount is Rs.1000 goCash
  • Burn 20% of transaction value in goCash and maximum cap Rs. 150 per transaction (whichever is lower).
  • 1 goCash = INR 1
  • There are two types of goCash – Non Promotional and Promotiona
  • To know more about goCash click here.
  • Non Promotional goCash
  • Earned by Cancellation of a booking for which the payment has been made using credit card/debit card/net banking
  • No usage conditions for non promotional gocash
  • Has unlimited validity
  • Can be used for any booking on Goibibo.com

Promotional goCash

  • Earned by participating in various promotional activities of goibibo. This is the goCash offered by Goibibo to the user for which the user has not paid any amount to Goibibo.
  • Validity of promotional goCash is only 90 days from the date of issue.
  • goCash can be used for bookings made via desktop and mobile app only.
  • When a Customer makes a booking utilizing his promotional goCash, in event of cancellation of the booking, the promotional goCash used shall be credited back to his account as promotional goCash.
  • In case of cancellation, the refund amount to be paid to the customer would be the amount after deducting the goCash value. For example, if Booking is done for an amount of Rs.1000 with 20% cashback. In case there is a cancellation with full refund, only Rs.800 will be returned to the bank while the Rs.200 will remain in goCash.This Rs.200 cannot be refunded to the bank.
  • Goibibo holds the right to cancel all or partial promotional goCash granted to the user by Goibibo at any point in time without any prior notice.
  • In order to use goCash, you need to log in to your goibibo account and while booking the ticket; you have to choose goCash as option to pay. You can pay the amount using both goCash as well as through credit/debit card or netbanking.
  • In the event that the Customer opts for a refund in the form of goCash, the Customer may receive bonus goCash in accordance with the promotional offers available from time to time.
  • Once an email id and mobile is registered with Goibibo, it cannot be changed.
  • Every transaction where the customer uses goCash as a mode of payment will be validated through Goibibo username, password and/or a unique OTP or a transaction password sent on his/her mobile number.
  • goCash redemption will be on First in First out basis: i.e. the goCash granted first will be utilized first with the exception of bonus goCash. Bonus goCash will be redeemed only after all other goCash has been redeemed.
  • Each time the Customer redeems or earns goCash, the same will be intimated to the Customer on his/her email and/or mobile.
  • Goibibo shall not be liable for any hacking or unauthorized use of the Customer’s account and it shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure privacy and confidentiality of his/her account details.
  • Users are not eligible to avail 2% bonus goCash if there are no cancellation charges applied.
  • In case of any disputes, Goibibo’s decision will be final.

Cancellation Rules

  • If the booking is cancelled, the cashback earned will be reversed from the goCash account.If the goCash availed through this promotion is consumed on any other booking before cancellation, it will be deducted from the total refund due in Cash.
  • If the payment is done using goCash and Cash, cancellation charges, if any, will be deducted from the total refund due on priority basis first from Cash and then from goCash.
  • Gocash will be credited to the same account through which you are logged in while making the booking on goibibo.com.
  • Gocash will be credited to the email id used for booking if you are not logged in on Goibibo.com while making the booking. In case you have not registered your email id, you need to sign up with this email id to receive and use this gocash.
  • In the case of bookings made using goCash as a mode of payment, the promo-code discount that requires filling in credit card/debit card/net-banking details for validation cannot availed.


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